Advanced Beauty Academy of Florida


Salon Management Class:

There is a class offered in Orlando area that is three hours of training and basic management.  In this class we will lay the ground work for motivating yourself and your staff.

Operational procedures.

How to hire and create loyal stylists.

Learn how to handle difficult conversations with your customers and your staff.


Class Dates: September  15 &16 September  22 & 23, October  14 & 15 & October 21 & 22, November 10 & 11   December 8 &  9. 

All Classes are held at 788 North State Road 434 Altamonte Springs, FL 32714.

Salon Coaching:  

In our salon coaching packages, we analyze your business, and identify which changes you can make to create a profitable business model.  

Do you need assistance in learning how to be a leader in your salon and coach your stylist, or how to motivate your staff?

Do you know how to create an environment that make your guests want to return, and refer?  
Having too much of a stylist turnover is not good for your business.  How do you cut down of staff turn over?

This service starts at $150 per hour face to face plus travel.  

Business Courses Offered:


“My Chair is my Business, always full or always Empty.”

This course is the perfect course to start your career or to jump your career to the next dimension.  In this course you will understand how to grow your business and have repeat customers.

“I want my own salon, so what’s next?”

 This course is the perfect course to make sure you are ready, and if you are not ready, get yourself ready. 

“How do I manage my Salon, so it does not Manage me? ” : 

This course will teach you how to run your salon without letting it run you in the ground . 

“It’s never too late to reach success.”

 If your business is falling off and you don’t understand why then this is where you need to start. Perfect for any salon owner or booth renter.

Client Consultations:

"How do I meet my client's expectations and what do I ask?" The biggest mistakes happen in a lack of communication.

Technical Courses Offered:

We have a variety of classes to meet every need.  

We do not recommend that if you are still attending cosmetology school that you complete any of the advanced courses, however providing proof of current enrollment will be proof.

Hair Extensions Certification: 

In this class you will learn Fusion, Micro-links,  and tape hair extensions. You will learn proper installation, style, and maintenance for all three techniques. 

 Your kit for this class includes: Fusion tool, Loop Brush, Hair clips, Extension protectors, extensions pliers, micro-link beads, micro link tools, practice hair, flat iron, and finger protectors.    

Color Foundation Skills:

In this class you will learn the basics on how to identify color levels and making the correct choice in which volume developer to use. How to talk color to a client that has never tried color before. 

Color Correction:

The biggest mistake in color correction is letting the client tell you what they want.  How do you communicate and deliver what you know you can without compromising the integrity of the hair.

Braid less sew in extensions.

Microlinks Hair Extensions              

Foil Patterns and Techniques

Color Correction

Razor Cutting

Clipper Cutting

Advanced Hair Cutting Techniques

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